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TSD-RC1500-1500Watt Rotary Die Board Laser Cutting Machine


Technical Parameters:

Model No.


Laser output power

1500watts axial flow CO2 laser source

Processing range


X-axis range Straight axis


Y-axis Range Rotation axis


Cutting precision


Re-Positioning Precision


Cutting width

0.71mm, 1.07mm, 1.42mm

Average. cutting speed

48meters/hour 12-15mm thickness wooden board

Controlling system


Transmission system

Ball screw & linear guide

Optical system


Moving structure


Chiller system

Special chiller system for laser generator system

Machine rotary table whole size

Length 7800* Width 1600 * Height 2200mm

Machine rotary table G.W.


Laser generator size 1500W

L2300 * W950 * H1700mm

Laser generator G.W.


Voltage (Working table)

Single Phase 220V 50Hz

Voltage (Laser generator)

3 Phases 380V/50Hz/30A

Pressure of accessory air source


Laser generator gas matched

He, N2, CO2(99.999%)

Computer & Monitor

Windows 7

Industrial chiller for laser generator

CW-7500 EN 460H

Industrial chiller for lens &mirror

CW-5000 AIS

Exhaust fan 1100w


Exhaust fan 750w


Air dryer 1.5m³/min


Voltage stabilizer 30KVA


Panasonic AC Servo motor 1.5KW



Applications: It’s widely used in printing, package, die making, advertising signs, metal plates, light-fixture, hardware, electric equipment, Automotive, electrical components…etc. industries.

Applicable materials: Plywood, MDF board, acrylic, iron board, steel board, stainless steel board, aluminum board, copper board…etc. metal and non-metal materials.


Machine Features:

1. Adopt Gantry style and mixed laser path structure, machine table bed hard and stable in working, reasonable floor space required for machine, laser optical path short, adopt imported reflect mirror and lens from II-VI to make laser path thinner and the cut stronger.

2. Intelligent Electronic Laser cutting head coming with automatic touching system, automatically adjustment to adapt the jagged materials and keep cutting precision.

3. Adopt Panasonic Servo Drive and Motor system, Taiwan HIWIN precision linear guide rail to keep high precision cutting.

4. Highly effective smoke-exhausting system coming with optimized dust collector device to create healthy environment for operator.

5. Automatic gas control system to ensure low energy consumption operation power consumption and gas consumption.

6. Software is easy to operate, simple and easy to understand.

7. Be equipped with the optical path gas compensation function that can avoid difference and divergence of the beam and during the conduction process by gas disturbance, and can always maintain the positive pressure of clean gas in the optical cavity to prevent external smoke and enter in.

8. Be equipped with the full compensation device in optical path of autonomous developed, to ensure the consistency of the beam diameter and the constancy of the focus in the entire range of processing.

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